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Kalae Kaina

Born and raised in Hawaii of native Hawaiian ancestry, Kalae has developed a deep love for belly dance.  She is the Artistic Director and lead choreographer of Shakti Dance Movement, Honolulu’s premier Contemporary Fusion Bellydance Company.  She has been studying Belly Dance for over 20 years and teaching dance for 13 years based in Honolulu. Shakti Dance Movement has emerged from the underground club scene to the mainstream, performing regularly at nightclubs, community events, dance concerts, and private parties. Kalae Kaina is also proud to be sponsoring workshops and producing shows in Honolulu, celebrating dance and supporting the arts within her community.   Kalae’s approach to belly dance is rooted in strong technique, drills, and proper execution of movement.  She firmly believes in dance as a vehicle for mind body connection. 

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