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Shakti Dance Movement is an innovative Fusion Bellydance company performing professionally in Honolulu since 2004.  Under the artistic direction of Kalae Kaina, Shakti Dance Movement has created their own unique style, fusing colors, textures, exotic sounds, and far away landscapes into their dance compositions.  Shakti love's to bring the community together for classes, workshops, & special events.  They have been honored to work with many of their mentors & teachers including Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle, Zoe Jakes & Beats Antique to name a few, as well as local treasures, Tau Dance Theater, Hawaii Burlesque Festival, DJ Nocturna, The Honolulu Museum of Arts, and many more!   Shakti Dance Movement is transitioning to a dance collective model, allowing all principal members to have an artistic voice in our future creations.  We look forward to sharing many more creative projects with you!     

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